About μNode

μNode / microNode / Node In A Box is a decentralized, distributed platform for personal data storage, permissioning, and retrieval, as well as a self-hosted Ethereum 2.0 client with the ability to extend to a highly-available validation node (dependent on the ISP's availability or access to a mesh network of other nodes).

What is that?

Self-Hosted Ethereum Client (for everyone)

Decentralized, Distributed Personal Data Platform

Some of the most profitable tech companies in existence have gotten that way by creating, not products, but a sneaky array of traps that lure users in with “free” services, strip them of their private information, and then sell that to advertisers.

Imagine a world where those products were decentralized, hosted on a distributed network, and could be configured NOT to harvest your data at all, OR to harvest it for you, the true owner of that data, to sell to advertisers at your own will. Imagine if those billions of dollars in tech company profits were returned to the people from whom the resources were taken in the first place.